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Quintus Hougaard, Chief Executive Officer of LINKIES. Management Consulting South Africa (Pty) Ltd. is a risk management and SAP authorizations specialist with 20 years of access control and audit experience in all major international SAP markets. Quintus graduated at the University of Stellenbosch. He is responsible for EGRC software solutions, product advisory, and risk control services.

Mario Linkies is the founder and President of LINKIES. Management Consulting. Mario has extensive international consulting experience as a leading management consultant with a primary focus on enterprise risk management, SAP authorizations, IT security solutions, in particular, providing comprehensive strategic consulting services in regards to corporate governance. Marios 20 years of experience in the areas of SAP business and management consulting, risk and compliance, security and authorizations, as well as environmental services make him a top performer in his industry. After completing his finance and banking studies at the Berlin Humboldt University, Mario worked for Shell Chemicals Europe in Germany and The Netherlands, and as a Senior Manager for Deloitte in Canada. As Director, he established the risk management and security consultancy on a global scale for the entire SAP group. He also worked as a Chief Executive Officer for two companies in Canada and Germany. Mario Linkies provides consulting services on a global scale, supports national and international clients in different industries, and continuously fosters awareness for risk management, compliance and security topics in numerous initiatives. He is the initiator and an author of several international bestselling books on SAP®Security, Authorizations, and Risk Management.

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