Environmental Marketing & Compliance Services (EMCS)

EMCS covers a wide range of business consulting on environmental protection and corporate conservation like products and marketing services, emissions trading and environmental policies, renewable and clean energy technology exchange, compliance consulting and eco-patent services. In this area, LINKIES. Management Consulting can rely on its global experience since 1995. Environmentally friendly energy and production solutions need international co-operation to make an impact on our CO2 footprints. Environmental compliance effects your business and our planet.

LINKIES. Management Consulting assists companies to cope with the challenges ahead. We advise on legal implications for non-compliance and act as agency for interested parties. Our consultants provide environmental information on a national and international scale (Aarhus Convention), and organize substantial stakeholders for commercial and environmental projects. Especially our network of international agents around the world assist customers with bridging the gap between continents, business partners, and governments. LINKIES. management consultants help to establish a solid environmental risk management system throughout your entire company. Make the right choice. We at LINKIES. want to hear from you.

Service Areas (examples)

  • Environmental compliance (assessments and advisory)
  • Environmental information services (Environmental Information Act)
  • Environmental product marketing (including international representations)
  • Investment agency services (for green energy projects)
  • Environmental risk management (environmental risk management systems)
  • Environmental laws (continuous information updates)

Service Offers (examples)

  • EnvironmentalCheck (Analysis on environmental regulations regarding air, soil, water, waste)
  • InsuranceCheck4Environment (Insurance check for the environmental industry)
  • REAChCheck (Regulatory compliance analysis on REACh)
  • CrisisCheck (Analysis on crisis prevention, communications strategy, determination of responsibilities, environmental disaster management)
Contact Information
Dr. Mher Mikayelyan, Director Environmental Services
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