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Our world has changed. Despite scientific and technological progress, financial, economic, social, as well as environmental crises are now part of the global status quo. A lack of transparency, increased criminal activity and simply good faith in business and social processes, have given rise to an increase in threats of destabilization to individuals, enterprises and our entire planet. We are facing challenges that are far beyond our imagination. So now time, is of the essence. We need to protect that which is worth protecting and make changes where the current solutions do not help us any longer in our quest for stability, security and wealth.

Asset protection and security are important requirements for successful evolution, as is taking controlled risks. As a LINKIES. Management Consulting Group (LINKIES.) company LINKIES. Management Consulting Canada Inc. is an independent and vendor-neutral management consulting firm, with a clear mission to assist customers around the world with their current operational and strategic risks. The focus is on Enterprise Risk Management & Corporate Governance, Regulatory Compliance & Legal Advisory, SAP & Information Security, and Environmental Marketing & Compliance Services. The company has its roots in a German consulting firm and a Canadian environmental marketing organization. Headquarters of the company is in Leipzig, Germany. Serving customers since the beginning of the new century, the consulting organization has expanded its range of services in 2009 under the new brand name LINKIES. with a new Chief Executive. The firm offers SAP and strategic management consulting, implementation and assessment services for demanding customers around the globe. Following a holistic approach and with a network of international experts, LINKIES. provides strategic, comprehensive, goal-oriented and value-driven solutions for risk management and SAP security, data protection and privacy, regulatory IT compliance, identity and access management, operational business and security process optimization, plus upstream and downstream assessments.
Because of the current world situation and customer demand, additional services have been included in the consulting portfolio, such as crisis management, insolvency and legal consulting, and environmental compliance. LINKIES. also provides services for environmental protection and health science. Governments and regulators need to address the problems of our times to mitigate the threat of disruption to government and commercial operations to enable sustainable economic and technological growth. Social and environmental requirements have to be considered in the same way as economic necessities. Risk Management starts in your own organization and everybody must take it to the next level of combining enterprise governance with local and global responsibilities. LINKIES. is actively promoting and implementing proper risk management as a key performance indicator and an important requirement for asset and value protection, as well as for future security and growth. We serve Canadian customers. 

We are at the beginning of a new world economy with cleaner energy solutions, business, eco-political, social-centric risk management and infiltrated government-driven enterprise-wide control systems that will reduce the risks for individuals, companies and the entire planet. For more transparency, sustainability and profitable growth, let’s make the right choices. The race is on.

Mario Linkies

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