Regulatory Compliance & Legal Advisory (RCLA)

RCLA describes the consulting areas for compliance and legal advisory services. Since we have seen that even large corporations and financial institutions may have difficulties in identifying and managing their risks, and to avoid crisis situations and bancruptcy cases, governments and leading governing organizations have increased their effort to define rules and regulations that target customers to implement more sophisticated internal control systems. Non-compliance may damage reputation and comes often with severe penalties that can be avoided. LINKIES. Management Consulting covers important national and international laws, and industry-specific regulations such as FDA, REACH, Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), J-SOX, BASEL, or SOLVENCY. A team of industry experts and lawyers provide a professional view on the topics from a legal perspective and translate corporate and commercial requirements into IT-driven solutions. Topics like data protection and privacy, quality assurance and documentation, and compliance management are important areas, as well as risk analysis, pre-audit services, crisis management and bankruptcy advisory. Our specialists have indepth knowledge of legal paragraphs, court cases, implications on corporate compliance ranking and required solutions in a defined industry. Additionally, LINKIES. offers special services around conflict solving and mediation with a focus on crisis and insolvency prevention, as well as commercial, company, and tax law. We help with compliance and legal questions. LINKIES. is at your service.

Service Areas (examples)

  • Regulatory & legal compliance (fit-gap analysis, assessments)
  • National data protection and privacy laws
  • Compliance requirement definition and recommendations
  • Compliance risk analysis and score card
  • Legal advisory (insolvency prevention, business law consulting)
  • Crisis management
  • Industry-specific regulations (consulting, audits, recommendations)

Consulting Offers (examples)

  • InsuranceCheck4Environment (Insurance check for the environmental industry)
  • ComplianceCheck4Waste (Compliance check for the waste industry)
  • ComplianceCheck4Manufacturing (Compliance check for manufacturing)
  • ComplianceCheckOnIT (Compliance check for all industries on IT-related risks)
  • ComplianceCheckOnInsurance (Compliance check for all industries on insurance)
  • ComplianceCheckOnChemicals (Compliance check for all industries on chemicals)
Contact Information
Carol Pitter-Kopp, Associate Partner
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