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CIO Story 2017 on LINKIES.:

The Huge Potential of Proper Corporate Governance

Mario Linkies, Founder and President, LINKIES.Mario Linkies, Founder and President

LINKIES. Management Consulting is an international management consulting and advisory firm. They believe in the huge potential of proper corporate governance with Innovation and Quality being key elements of their consulting delivery. LINKIES’ services include Assessments and Risk Strategy, Solution Design and Tool evaluation, implementation and training – remote, onsite and in any practical way that customers need assistance and guidance.

Because SAP and other vendors provide solutions that may be part of the current consulting focus LINKIES. also partner with a number of great organizations for the benefit of their clientele. LINKIES. has consulting firms and representations in Europe, America, South Africa, and Asia. The LINKIES. team is led by Mario Linkies, Founder, and President.

The key factors that differentiate LINKIES. from its competitors are entrenched in the methodology they follow which is strongly based on their partnership with Securinfo. The partnership will be expanded globally starting 2017.

Some of the factors that differentiate the company are:

  • Underlying Concept of Information Ownership
  • Methodology delivered with application
  • Disciplined Permission Structure with Best Practice naming conventions
  • Business Role Structure as basis for organizational and process optimization
  • Predefined Role content delivered with application
  • Predefined Business Process Risk content delivered with application

Talking on the benefits LINKIES. have brought to the clients, Mario says, “We have saved millions of dollars by providing sustainable solutions that continuously manage different industry authorizations and risks for tens of thousands of SAP users.”

The realization of these benefits for customers has enabled LINKIES. to create a wide network of top industry specialists and key business and security professionals in all major business hubs in the world within seven years.


The expert team at LINKIES. have unique experience levels that are available for communication, training, and collaboration. Their consultants are experienced in working on international projects to provide the best possible knowledge and experience to their customers.

Additionally LINKIES. have a dedicated global partner network to provide best practice solutions based on their methodology. In Vietnam, LINKIES. have a team of consultants focusing on IT solution evaluations. In Poland, LINKIES. have their Competence Center for Compliance and IT Risk Standards. Just recently, they have founded a new organization in Bulgaria that provides a pool of highly skilled senior consultants for onsite and remote project services, custom developments, and software distribution.

Currently, LINKIES. focus on new areas such as SAP HANA access control, cloud security, and mobile security to provide their customers the best possible solutions for their current and long-term strategic and day-to-day requirements.

“We only recommend solutions that have been tried and tested, and the solutions must match our logical and methodical approach,” says Mario Linkies.

LINKIES. ensures successful customer implementations by working closely with all levels within the customer organization, without interfering with their normal daily processes. The company provides optimal services with a measurable outcome. LINKIES. helps to reduce consulting costs by their unique methodology, carefully selected solution providers, and delivering services from different areas in the world, with a clear focus on objectives, quality, and budget.

Moving forward, LINKIES. will provide a solid solution for integrated Identity Management, Access Control, Risk and Compliance Management over all Logical and Physical Services. Additionally, the company wishes to enhance their product and solution suite to measure their activities towards business process optimization and organizational management in respect of the economic and environmental challenges their customers and the world are facing.

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