Leipzig, October 22, 2010 – Release of new book on security and risk management for SAP Systems

SAP Press (Galileo Press) has released the second edition of SAP Security and Risk Management, by Mario Linkies and Horst Karin (ISBN 978-159229-355-1). 

This expanded edition presents a detailed overview of all requirements, basic principles, and best practices of security for all SAP components, setting the standard for SAP security and enterprise risk management. Each chapter of the book has been updated and additional chapters include descriptions of new SAP products such as SAP Business Objects, technologies like web services, as well as new security topics in the overall context of Enterprise Risk Management (Governance, Risk & Compliance).

Using numerous examples of best practices and presenting new knowledge and solutions, the reader is guided step by step through the areas of risk management, IT security, access governance and data protection for SAP NetWeaver and associated systems. This comprehensive review supports companies in identifying their individual security needs. Internal and legal requirements are integrated with technical and administrative solutions, in order to raise awareness and provide recommendations to both senior management and everyday SAP users. The book offers a complete overview of the entire range of SAP security products, illustrating methods to increase the safety of all SAP-based business processes and deriving the necessary safeguard measures to control different forms of enterprise risk. 

"The aim of the book is to present an integrated model for establishing an internal risk-control framework for SAP environments. Starting with a scientific and theoretical discussion on the fundamentals of risk management and its current state, we can clearly see that SAP security has become the companion for all business decisions within an increasing number of organizations. Companies should map their business requirements to technical solutions and administrative controls within SAP", says Mario Linkies, author and CEO of LINKIES. Management Consulting. This book provides guidance based on years of experience in SAP risk management and also incorporates current international standards, along with effective methods to improve overall SAP security strategy within enterprises and across organizational boundaries.

The first part of the book provides an introduction to the subject of Enterprise Risk Management from an IT perspective, explaining the proper assessment of risks and the methodology behind creating security and control measures. The reader is also guided through the process of designing appropriate security solutions and building the necessary support processes for the implementation and use of the solutions. Additionally, those who are responsible for meeting or ensuring compliance within an enterprise, such as process owners; financial and IT managers; security and authorization administrators; and auditors and business advisors receive an overview of international security standards and legal requirements.

The second part of the book is devoted to the technical implementation of policy measures in the various SAP systems and applications. Authorization concepts and infrastructure scenarios in the portal environment are also presented along with risk analysis and solution options from different manufacturers. This book includes the ERM Navigation Control map, created by LINKIES. Management Consulting, which on the one hand, acts as a visual checklist for security measures, while on the other hand, aids in the establishment and quality assurance of internal control systems.

"This book stimulates companies to critically evaluate their existing in-house security solutions and compare them with the new requirements. Consequently, readers reach an understanding of risk analysis, effective control methods, and finally a comprehensive IT-security plan which meets all the necessary legal requirements," explains Prof. Wolfgang Lassmann, Professor of Business IT and Operations Research at the Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg, Germany.

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LINKIES. Management Consulting Canada Inc. and LINKIES. Unternehmensberatung GmbH are enterprises of LINKIES. Management Consulting Group (LINKIES.). Headquartered in Leipzig, Germany, LINKIES. has a focus on SAP & Information Security, Enterprise Risk Management & Corporate Governance, Regulatory Compliance & Legal Advisory and Environmental Marketing & Compliance Services. The group helps customers around the globe with consulting and solution implementation services in IT and SAP security and authorization management, risk and control management, compliance services and crisis prevention, security process and secure business optimization. LINKIES. has a wide network of highly specialized SAP and risk management and security specialists, business professionals and technology and solution partners. Our experts have handled projects in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania. The North American headquarters are located in Oakville, just outside Toronto, Canada. LINKIES. is actively promoting and implementing proper risk management as a key performance indicator and an important requirement for asset and value protection, for future security and growth.

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