Leipzig - Toronto, November 01, 2010 – Strategic environmental compliance and sustainability with LINKIES. Management Consulting

LINKIES. Management Consulting (LINKIES.) advises companies on legal environmental issues and strategies for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

A few years ago, financial performance alone captured the attention of companies and financial institutions, but nowadays, non-financial performance indicators have also moved to the forefront of business decisions. These indicators include information on sustainability along with environmental and labor issues, all of which are crucial for the long-term development of any enterprise. Under the German Commercial Code (HGB § 289, section 3), large corporations must now include such criteria in their reporting, where such criteria are essential for the understanding of the current state of the organization. The entire concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has broadened, impacting a variety of other companies that must now comply with legal requirements for environmental protection, and require an expansion of their internal control systems to include environmental compliance and sustainability. Those components are now widely viewed as essential for solid and robust Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

"Sustainability of commercial activities, green technologies and the use of energy and other resources are becoming increasingly important topics across all industries. Companies are being evaluated not only according to their financial success, but also on their social standing and environmental footprint, "says Mario Linkies, CEO of LINKIES. Management Consulting. Disregarding environmental and social standards is a considerable risk to take and will almost certainly affect the reputation and earnings of a business. However, if companies adopt these values into their operational decisions, the overall attractiveness of the organization will increase for its employees, customers, business partners and investors, raising the value for shareholders. The more sustainable a company is, the greater its economic success.

LINKIES. supports companies through the development of strategic action plans to meet regulatory requirements and to develop effective solutions for environmental compliance and sustainability management. Additionally, these strategies help improve the control and efficiency of continual long-term sustainability management. LINKIES. has extensive experience in the field of compliance and by implementing the LINKIES. compliance method, organizations can achieve the best in class status with improved social and environmental standards. Through a compliance assessment from LINKIES., companies are made aware of their current risks, recommended steps for sustainable action, and presented with appropriate solutions for evaluation and implementation. The EnvironmentalCheck and ComplianceCheck offered by LINKIES. provides a number of customized environmental compliance evaluations for specific industries. Among the most important clients in the areas of environmental compliance and CSR are customers from the automotive sector, the solar industry, the waste disposal industry and the chemicals industry. 

LINKIES. Management Consulting Canada Inc.
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LINKIES. Unternehmensberatung GmbH 
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Media Contact:
Annett Albrecht 
Director Legal Compliance & Environmental Services
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About LINKIES. Management Consulting

LINKIES. Management Consulting Canada Inc. and LINKIES. Unternehmensberatung GmbH are enterprises of LINKIES. Management Consulting Group (LINKIES.). Headquartered in Leipzig, Germany, LINKIES. focuses on Regulatory Compliance & Legal Advisory, Environmental Marketing & Compliance Services, Enterprise Risk Management & Corporate Governance, and SAP & Information Security. The group helps customers around the globe with consulting and solution implementation services in IT and SAP security and authorization management, risk and control management, compliance services and crisis prevention, security process and secure business optimization. LINKIES. has a wide network of highly specialized SAP and risk management and security specialists, business professionals and technology and solution partners. Our experts have handled projects in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania. The North American headquarters are located in Oakville, just outside Toronto, Canada. LINKIES. is actively promoting and implementing proper risk management and corporate social responsibility as key performance indicators and important requirements for asset and value protection, for future security and growth.

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